About Us

Based in Melbourne, Jam on Your Collar provides professionals with images they can promote with confidence.

We began our business as family photographers, with a documentary style approach, each photo a genuine action and emotion captured. Cutting our teeth in this way saw us develop a natural style that lent itself brilliantly across the board. We now help people to project their image in a way that is at once professional, dynamic and real.  

Jam on Your Collar has been published in VOGUE Australia, and GQ Australia. 

How the Founder found herself

Alexandra Anderson launched ‘Jam on Your Collar’ after taking the scenic route with her education.

Majoring in Art History at The University of Melbourne, she then undertook Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and trained as a professional hair and makeup artist at Victoria University.  In her spare time she developed a passion for photography, all the while working as a nanny and photographing the children in her charge.

Renowned for her ability as a hair and makeup artist with emphasis on natural beauty, Alex brings a simple, pretty, professional styling approach to each client she photographs. This might be straightening a tie, smoothing fly away hair, or offering powder for forehead that is coming through shiny in the image. Regardless of the action, it is done with a careful eye for each individual. 

Alexandra currently lives in Melbourne with her husband Chris. 

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Founder, Alexandra Anderson.

Founder, Alexandra Anderson.