Jam on Your Collar

Photography, Melbourne

About Us

Based in Melbourne, Jam on Your Collar snapshots life in all its boogery, teary, belly-laughing imperfection.

We began by capturing the journey for mums (who have just grown a whole human for 9 months!) and dads (who take pride in changing nappies in record time one-handed). Parents and their children alike fell in love with our documentary style approach, each photo a genuine action and emotion captured. This natural style lent itself brilliantly across the board, and we quickly expanded across a great range of photography needs. 

The name ‘Jam on Your Collar’ derived from our belief that life’s best moments are often not those captured by overly posed photographs.  We want to capture moments in the spirit of kids running out the door to school while not finishing their breakfast and quite literally still having jam on their collars.  A head tossed back in laughter. The energy of a launch party, or the aura of a brilliant speaker.  We don't want to created a staged event. Out goal is to record the magical reality of fleeting moments. We don’t leave out the crayon tasting, the gleeful snort, or the tears of joy. We embrace them.

How the Founder found herself

Alexandra Anderson launched Jam on Your Collar after taking the scenic route with her education.

Majoring in Art History at The University of Melbourne, she then undertook Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and trained as a professional hair and makeup artist at Victoria University.  In her spare time she developed a passion for photography, all the while working as a nanny and photographing the wee people under her charge.

 Alexandra found that working as a nanny had an inevitable form of family osmosis, and developing a natural repertoire with children and parents alike, it became clear that her greatest creative offering lay in capturing fleeting moments of life.

Renowned for her ability as a hair and makeup artist with emphasis on natural beauty, Alex brings a simple, pretty, professional hair and makeup styling approach to clients who would like styling before a documentary approach to photographing life in all it's animated glory. 

Alexandra currently lives in Melbourne with her husband Chris. They enjoy collecting second hand books, and lamenting their lack of book shelves...

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Founder, Alexandra Anderson. 

Founder, Alexandra Anderson.