Jam on Your Collar


Mel, Damian and Lila

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Lila was sleeping soundly when I arrived at the hospital with my camera and congratulations for the gorgeous Mel and Damian. We all watched her in wonder as Lila make little faces, and stretched and wriggled whilst fast asleep. It was as if after 9 months of being so snug, she couldn't wait to explore the world around her...

Dana, Asaf and Lia

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I met with Dana and Asaf towards the end of last year for a pregnancy shoot, whilst Lia was still a bump, so it was with great anticipation and excitement that I was to meet her in person recently! With curls swirling across her crown like a gorgeous Van Gogh painting, and a completely contagious smile, she had us all beaming throughout the whole shoot :) 

Heng-Lee Family

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I've known this family quite a few years now, and can absolutely attest to the fact that they are as energetic, bouncy and joyful as all these photos have captured. Without any prompting, they fill whatever room they occupy to the brim with love and happiness.