$6 corners of colour

I love buying flowers for home. I always have the florist wrap them. There is something about carrying them home, with that tactile crunch of the brown paper that is almost as satisfying as the blooms themselves. My view is you don't need masses of flowers to have a lovely arrangement. We have a few vases at home, but there is one in particular I always tend to reach for. It's a very tall, cylindrical glass vase. It doesn't matter if the stems only come 1/3 of the way up it, in fact sometimes that's the prettiest way to present them. I love the way it props the flowers all up straight, and the stems are as pretty to view as the blooms themselves.

These are glorious ranunculus, a bunch of heavenly colour for $6. I trimmed most of the leaves off, leaving just the smallest and the daintiest, and cut the stems so there is was some variation in height to stagger the view of the blooms. One bunch was enough to divide between 2 vases, and then popped one little bloom in a wee brown bottle I had tucked away. Finally, as always I added little splash of bleach to the water (1tbspn is plenty), which doesn't effect the flowers but prevents the water from fouling.